Hospitality offers a gateway to human connection....

Mon first started working in hospitality at the age of 18 when she realised she needed money to buy a prom dress. Like all illuminating reality checks, once she earnt enough cash to buy the dress, she’d learnt the real value of her work.  Work that stretched far beyond the paycheck. 

“Hospitality humbled me in a way that was pretty impressive,” Mon explains.

“Waitressing exposed me to a whole different world and so many different people I probably would have never met.”

With a decade of experience, Mon has worn many hats but says that the industry is the perfect place to nurture her curiosity for meeting new people.

“I love to hear our customers stories, where they come from, what they do, and what they enjoy.”

For Rob, hospitality offers a safe environment to be yourself, have fun, and build relationships with like-minded people.

He is relentless in his pursuit to provide people with old-school top-notch service that disarms all those who stroll into their Mediterranean haven.

“We want people to feel comfortable here and people feel comfortable when they're greeted with excitement and respect,” Rob shares.

Rob began his career as a bartender in his early 20's in Sydney. He quickly moved up the ranks to manager after being trusted by his mentors to follow his vision and take the lead of a team. Since then he has worked as a bartender at one of New York’s top bars,  steadily stacking his experience until he was ready to build his own vision.

And there’s the third Mez Club mastermind, Jorge. Jorge grew up in Mexico City and after meeting Rob through a friend in Sydney, they became mates and then business partners.

Jorge says the strength of their trio stems from their variety of complementary skills.

“We all bring something different to the team,” Jorge shares.

After working in hospitality for the last six years Jorge has learned a new appreciation for how much hard work is required to make their vision happen.

“For The Mez club I would love to make sure all the work we do is focused on our loyal customers, it’s word of mouth and people talking to each other that keeps a business going.

“Back at home we’re used to hanging around 2-3 hours after lunch, enjoying a drink, having fun and chatting with friends. 

“We encourage our customers to do the same.”

When Rob and Mon first walked past The Mez Club in 2017 while on an impromptu trip to Byron Bay from Sydney, they made it their priority to dine there. 

It was the Mediterranean decor and European laid back atmosphere that left them enchanted.

Flash forward to January 2018 and now they own the joint.

Rob and Mon are devoted hospitality veterans who know what they want, especially when it comes to the concerns of their customers. Impeccable service is THE crucial ingredient they have infused into their new baby.

“We felt it had room for an injection of old-school hospitality vibes with North American style service. And that is what we aim to do,” Rob said.

And as for aesthetics, Mon said the new renovations allow The Mez Club to offer diners a private moody Morrocan dining experience upstairs -  perfect for a hot date. And a lively, fresh white greek paradise for the sun-kissed day drinkers downstairs. 

To enhance the global dining experience, The Mez Club has recruited a new Cuban chef, Dayron Concepcion who brings French and Spanish techniques to dishes designed for the new menu.

With Byron Bay restaurants offering progressive, cutting edge experiences, Rob said The Mez Club plans to keep up with the growing culture by focusing on quality ingredients, sourced from local producers and providing service that elates guests.

For more insight about the man behind the menu, check out our latest interview with head chef, Dayron Concepcion.